Warmables offers a complete line of natural hot/cold packs used for soothing, healing and relaxation purposes.Our product line is focused on green and sustainable care for the young and the old and everybody in between. Warmables packs are used in spas, hospitals, private homes and other institutions. They are applied to sports injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, fevers, colds, cramps, migraines and many other aches and pains. Our packs are filled with cherry pits only and lend themselves splendidly to aromatherapy treatment as they can be washed and dried.

Warmables HOT'N COLD packs are green and sustainable by nature. The comforting cushions are filled with cherry pits only. The pits are the side product of cherry pies and preserves made in the state of Michigan. They are cleaned and dried gently, then packaged and shipped to us in Jersey City where we complete our HOT'N COLD packs.

Once the cushions are warmed up in the microwave the heat gets trapped? in the hollow of the cherry stones, lasting for an impressive amount of time. Cherry pit heat packs have been used for centuries to treat various aches and ills, including arthritis, colds and fibromyalgia. Warmables products do NOT contain any herbs such as lavender or chamomile. Add a drop of essential oil to the heated pack instead and create customized aromatherapy. Use any oil of your choice to accommodate your personal needs.
Warmables also offers a LUNCH KIT for children's school lunches. It is based on the same principal of using cherry pits to keep a meal warm.

Used cold, the packs can be compared to a wet wash cloth that keeps cool for a long time. Place the pack directly on skin after freezing for several hours to achieve a gentle yet effective cooling experience.
Perfect to be used for regular treatment of sports injuries, cool down swollen feet, help feverish babies or ill elderly people. Use it on hot summer days for a quick cool fix or to numb itchy bug bites. Warmables HOT'N COLD packs can be washed and dried along with your laundry.


All Warmables HOT'N COLD packs are made using natural materials only.
The terry cloth covers consist of 100% cotton, each filled with cherry pits.
We chose cherry pits over any other filler for several reasons:
-Cherry pits hold heat longer than rice, beans or flax.
-The pits are leftovers from cherries used for pies, preserves and fillings for various treats.
-Cherry pits would be garbage if not used for heat packs, toys and heat treatment cushions.
- Packs are fully washable and last for years to come.
-We also chose the pits instead of rice or beans because we did not want possible food sources to be used for our treatment line.

- Aroma therapy
- HOT/COLD treatment
- Loosen up congested sinuses
- Soothe pain due to rheumatism and arthritis
- Help cranky babies go to sleep
- Stay warm with

- Dry eye symptoms/meibomian gland dysfunction
- back pain/ankylosing spondylitis
- Sport injury treatment
- Fibromyalgia
- Migraines